As well as our Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner, Installation Kit, Care Kit and tooling we stock various items for fabricating and maintaining acrylic & polyester solid surface work surfaces.  All items can be ordered with us by phone/email or through our eBay shop.


Eagle Solid Surface Cleaning Solvent

Eagle Solid Surface Cleaning Solvent

Essential for cleaning joints during fabrication of acrylic and other surfaces to prevent contamination.

Available in 250ml and 1L bottles


Bear-Tex Discs


The Norton Bear-Tex line of non-woven discs features a special coating process that ensures the grain is continuously exposed for a superior, consistent cut when scuffing.  These innovative discs increase work speed and throughput – reducing labour costs. The spring action conformability allows constant contact with the work surface for a uniform scratch pattern.  Perfect for fine finishing and surface preparation.  Available in 125mm & 150mm diameter in the following grades:


Maroon – very fine (150mm only – perforated for better dust extraction)

Grey – micro fine

White – T-polishing.




The Norton Multi-Air® range of sanding discs have been specially developed for use during the fabrication of acrylic and polyester surfaces.  They feature Multi-Air® technology for less dust & clogging and have a much longer lifespan.  Available in 150mm diameter discs in the following grits.

P80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 & 500.

We also keep the Multi-Air medium & soft density back up pads in stock.  These are an innovative design optimized for maximum air flow & powerful dust extraction.  When combined with Multi-Air® discs you will see improved performance, greater efficiency and a large reduction in dust.

Multi-Air Back Up PadMultiair Back up pad tech diagram

1. Adapter to suit Festool & Rupes sanding machines; 2. Universal backing pad fixings to suit most popular machine types; 3. Choice of medium or soft backing pads; 4. Alignment holes allow accurate location to the backing pad; 5. Waterbased No-Fil layer resists clogging during use; 6. Premium abrasive grains


With a wide variety of grit sizes, advanced Norton grains and the innovative dust extraction technology, the Multi-Air® family is a unique sanding solution.