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Az-Pro have used their experience and knowledge of the past 50+ years to create these fantastic products.


AzPro Products

Professional Anti-Bacterial Surface Sanitiser


Azpro Professional Anti-Bacterial Surface Sanitiser is an extremely effective disinfecting spray designed to kill germs and harmful bacteria, thus reducing the risk of cross infection. Easy to use – spray and leave for 30-60 seconds then buff off or for high contact areas such as door handles etc the sanitiser can be sprayed on and left to air dry. Allow at least 15 minutes after buffing the sanitiser off before applying polish/protective product such as Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.

Contains 99% alcohol and 4-chloro-3-methylphenol. Suitable for use in homes and offices.

Manufactured in the UK and in stock now.


Professional Glass Cleaner.

Pro Glass Cleaner

Az-Pro Glass Cleaner is a professional and powerful strength glass cleaner for use on all types of glass, mirrors, perspex, ceramic tiles etc.

Foams on contact easily removing tobacco haze, finger marks, cosmetics and road film on car windows etc. Also, a fantastic stove glass cleaner removing soot, tar and other marks.



Professional Foam Cleaner.

Pro Foam Cleaner

Az-Pro Foam Cleaner is an intense foam cleaner for use on most interior surfaces.  The special mixture of alcohols, solvents and surfactants reduce the surface energy of the contamination and lifts it with ease.  Suitable for use on leather, textiles and plastics eg vehicle panels, seats, cockpits and carpets; upholstered furniture and carpets in Hotels, Office buildings and waiting rooms.  Simply spray on, allow to penetrate then wipe away with a moist cloth.



Professional Spray Adhesive.

Pro Spray Adhesive

Az-Pro Non-Chlorinated Spray Adhesive is a solvent based, pressure sensitive adhesive spray with good initial strength and high adhesive strength.  Is transparent, safe & easy to use on most surfaces and does not bloom.  Recommended for bonding porous and smooth surfaces such as cradboard, felt, fabric, paper, leather, rubber, foam, foil, most plastics, metal, stainless steel, glass, cork and wood.




Professional Food Safe Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Foodsafe Stainless Steel Cleaner

Az-Pro Food Safe Stainless Steel Cleaner is a multi purpose stainless steel cleaner and polish, formulated for use in food preparation areas and will remove light grease, fat, cooking stains and food residue from many surfaces.  It is odourless and tasteless and therefore will not taint food on preparation areas.  Can also be used stainless steel in non food areas.



Professional Odourkill.

Odourkill Red Berries

Az-Pro Odourkill is a highly concentrated air deodoriser for large indoor areas.  The fragrance has been designed to be long lasting and the aerosol has a spray head & valve specifically designed to propel the product over large areas.  Can be used after cleaning to leave a fresh pleasant fragrance.  Ideal for use in meeting rooms, toilet blocks, hotels, schools, hospitals, large offices and large public areas. Apple & Cinnamon and Red Berries fragrances in stock – other fragrances available to order.